Covidiot takes over Twitter. Here’s what it means

The hottest word on the Internet today is "covidiot". As you might have guessed, it has to do with the virus that has hogged global headlines for the past couple of months.

A combination of two words COVID-19 and "idiot", "covidiot" is someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety; and/or hoards goods, denying them from their neighbours.

Screen capture: Urban Dictionary
Screen capture: Urban Dictionary

Flooding onto the streets during the Janta curfew to applaud healthcare workers in India is one example.

Another more detailed version depicts it as a person who, "in times of pandemic crises, unnecessarily hoards toilet paper and more food than a family of eight could possibly eat in a year, has no regard for the welfare of others by buying up absolutely everything, is a self serving nitwit, and likely hasn’t clue one about the actual disease." 

It has since been officially coined by the Urban Dictionary after trending on Twitter.