Condos make by-laws to check errant tourists

Condo management committees in Singapore have passed by-laws to keep a check on sheer volume of tourists flocking their condominium for short stays.

Management committee of The Sail@Marina has passed a by-law that compel residents to present their tenancy agreements upon request. They have even employed a bouncer to deal with aggressive residents. As a result, access to the condominium is limited to the main lobby.

Condos of Singapore
Condos have made by-laws that compel residents to show their tenancy agreements. Photo courtesy: teoalida

Brainstorming is being done at another condominium in the Central Business District to control the activities of short-term tourists. Options include passing a by-law to make registration at the main entrance compulsory — either through a logbook or biometric screening — or having the concierge monitor security footage for visitors with suitcases.

Robert Tan, condominium management committee chairman of Avon Park in Woodleigh believes that the best way to tackle the problem was to rope in alert residents to gather evidence proving that certain units were flouting the rules, and report them.

National Development Minister Lawrence Wong has also suggested that condominium management committees should pass by-laws to manage the use of common property.