Condominium residents in Singapore fined for breaking safe distancing rules, including use of swimming pools

Representational photo: Courtesy: Ben Kerckx on Pixabay
Representational photo: Courtesy: Ben Kerckx on Pixabay

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has issued composition fines to one Management Corporation (MCST) and four condominium residents for flouting the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020. 

Three of the cases involved a resident from a condominium at Irrawaddy Road who had used the pool, another resident of a condominium at Flora Road who had brought her children to play by the pool, as well as a resident of a condominium at Sims Drive who was found not wearing a mask at the main entrance.

The remaining cases took place at a condominium at Amber Road, where the MCST was found to have failed to close all its common facilities. One of its residents was also found using the common gym.

The MCST was issued a composition fine of SGD 1,000, while the condominium residents were each fined SGD 300, said a statement. 

The BCA has conducted checks in over 230 strata-titled residential developments since the implementation of elevated safe distancing measures on April 7.

These measures are aimed at reducing movement and interactions in common spaces and minimising contact between individuals from different households. Thus all common facilities in strata-titled residential developments, such as condominiums, are required to be closed. 

Residents are also not allowed to have visitors to their homes for social purposes, and are advised not to conduct social gatherings within the estates. They are also required to wear masks when they leave their homes for a valid reason.