ComfortDelGro extends Masterpass payment to all taxi rides

From next month August 2017 onwards, all rides taken on ComfortDelGro taxis, including flag-down ones, can be paid using digital Payment service Masterpass. ComefortDelGro is the first company in Asia to offer this service for flag-down rides, the company said in a press statement on July 23, 2017. 

No administrative fees and GST will be charged for the street hail payment mode. Passengers also need not present the actual debit or credit card to the drivers.

Before the end of the street hail trip, passengers would need to select the “Pay for Street Hail” option on the ComfortDelGro App. They then use the App to scan the QR Code that is on the taxi’s cashless payment terminal or key in the taxi number to pair the trip to Masterpass.

Once the trip is successfully paired up with Masterpass, a push notification is sent to the passengers’ smartphones. 

ComfortDelGro taxi. Photo courtesy: Wikimedia
ComfortDelGro taxi. Photo courtesy: Wikimedia

“Street hail forms a very significant portion of our daily taxi trips. As such, we are very excited and pleased to work with longtime partner, Mastercard, in becoming the first taxi company in Asia to accept Masterpass for street hails, said Ang Wei Neng, CEO of ComfortDelGro Taxi. 

“The transit space is a key area where delivering a seamless payment solution improves commuters’ experience. We have seen tremendous response to our Masterpass digital payment service within the ComfortDelGro App as commuters in Singapore continue to seek fast, convenient and secure payments," said Ms Deborah Heng, Country Manager of Mastercard Singapore.

"With the extension of Masterpass for Street Hail, the first for Mastercard globally, consumers will enjoy the same seamless experience where passengers and taxi drivers will no longer have to wait and settle payment by cash or card at their destination. In addition, our cardholders will enjoy an admin fee waiver when they pay with Masterpass using Mastercard," he added. 

Passengers can also look out for more promotions with Masterpass for ComfortDelGro taxi trips. Presently, passengers can enjoy $3 off when they use the promo code MCPASS for taxi bookings made through the ComfortDelGro App.