COE prices rise, bike premiums at record high

COE (Certificate of Entitlement) prices for motorbikes saw a ten percent spike, soaring to a record high of S$7,483 on March 15. This was a significant increase from S$6,801 in the previous exercise.

During the recent Budget 2017, it was announced that new big bikes would be taxed more heavily, Todayonline reported on March 15, 2017.

Photo courtesy: LTA
Photo courtesy: LTA

COE premiums closed mostly higher in the recent exercise. Premiums for small cars (up to 1600CC and 97KW) increased by 2.75 percent to S$50,789, while that for large cars went up by 5.29 percent to S$50,621.

As for the open category – which can be used for any type of vehicles – premiums went up by 3.92 percent to S$53,001.

Goods vehicles and buses was the only category that saw a slide – COE prices dipped by 1.62 percent to S$49,002.

Photo courtesy: Ministry of Transport SG
Photo courtesy: Ministry of Transport SG

COE prices at a glance:

Cat A (Cars up to 1600CC & 97KW): S$50789 (up from S$49430)
Cat B (Cars above 1600CC OR 97KW): S$53300 (up from S$50621)
Cat C (Goods vehicles and buses): S$49002 (down from S$49810)
Cat D (Motorcycles): S$7483 (up from S$6801)
Cat E (Open category): S$53001 (up from S$51000)