Himachal CM has nine stranded tourists airlifted to safety in his official chopper

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu had nine stranded tourists airlifted in his official chopper. 

After assessing the damage caused due to rains and flash floods in Kullu, Mandi and Lahaul Spiti districts, Sukhu left for Sangla in Kinnaur where he met the affected families who suffered losses due to excessive rains triggering flash floods.

Foreign Nationals commend rescue efforts of State Government.
Foreign Nationals commend rescue efforts of State Government. Photo courtesy: Canva

The foreign nationals who were stuck in Sangla thanked the CM for the relief and rescue operations. "We were elated to see the head of the State personally overseeing rescue efforts," said Taali from Israel and Helen and Chester from New Zealand.   

Local resident Pankaj Negi, who was sett to join his duties in Gujarat and Dara Negi, who had paid a visit to her relatives in Sangla and was stuck for a week also apprreciated the relief efforts. 

CM Sukhu also announced immediate relief of INR 1 lakh each to the flood-hit residents and stated that options of government land would be given in place of transferred land for their lost property. He asked for construction of a concrete wall along 'Tong-Tong Che' Nallaha, which also causes major damage during rainy season.

He also interacted with the victims of flash floods at Sangla and Kuppa Barrage and directed the district administration to ensure that people who have suffered losses should be fairly compensated.