China: Female serial killer executed for murdering seven people

China executed a female serial killer, who was accused of murdering seven people, on Monday (December 18, 2023).

The woman was identified as Lao Rongzhi.

China executes female serial killer. Photo Courtesy: X page video grab

Lao’s death sentence was approved by the SPC before the Intermediate People’s Court of Nanchang in east China’s Jiangxi Province carried out the execution, reported Xinhua.

According to the SPC’s statement, from 1996 to 1999, the convict conspired with her then-boyfriend in committing several robberies, abductions and murders in four provinces. Seven people died as a result of these crimes, the Chinese news agency reported.

In a particular case, the woman was found to have joined her then-boyfriend in robbing, murdering and later mutilating the body of a male victim.

The duo then proceeded to burgle the victim’s residence, murdering his spouse and two-year-old daughter in the process, the statement added as quoted by Xinhua.

The convict was arrested in 2019 after she remained on the run for 20 years using pseudonyms.