ChatGPT leaves users confused by spouting gibberish for hours, Open AI later fixes ‘bug’

For nearly a day ChatGPT, the generative AI platform created by San Francisco-based tech major Open AI, went haywire with users finding it generating illogical sentences and responses that failed to make any sense.

Several X users shared screenshots showing what they claimed were evidence of how they faced trouble while using the chatbot.
Tech firm Open AI’s ChatGPT spouts gibberish for hours to leave users confused. Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

Several X users shared screenshots showing what they claimed were evidence of how they faced trouble while using the chatbot.

One user wrote on Reddit: “The common experience over the last few hours seems to be that responses begin coherently, like normal, then devolve into nonsense, then sometimes Shakespearean nonsense.”

Another Reddit user wrote: “Is my GPT having a stroke? The responses are getting progressively more incomprehensible.”

According to reports, ChatGPT was generating ‘gibberish’ responses to users, keeping them confused.

While discussing the Jackson family of musicians, the chatbot explained to a Reddit user that “Schwittendly, the sparkle of tourmar on the crest has as much to do with the golver of the ‘moon paths’ as it shifts from follow”, reported The Verge.

Is the problem solved now?

Open AI responded to the development and fixed the problem which caused the malfunction.

Open AI later explained the cause behind the chatbot’s malfunctioning and said ‘an optimization to the user experience introduced a bug with how the model processes language’.

“LLMs generate responses by randomly sampling words based in part on probabilities. Their ‘language’ consists of numbers that map to tokens,” read the statement posted on Open AI website.

“In this case, the bug was in the step where the model chooses these numbers. Akin to being lost in translation, the model chose slightly wrong numbers, which produced word sequences that made no sense. More technically, inference kernels produced incorrect results when used in certain GPU configurations,” it said.

“Upon identifying the cause of this incident, we rolled out a fix and confirmed that the incident was resolved,” the company said.

Open AI created a buzz in the world after introducing its ChatGPT program in 2022.

The chatbot earned massive responses from users and generated interest in the technology.

Open AI recently released a new tool named Sora

As per Open AI website, Sora is a text-to-video model.

Sora can generate up to a minute-long video while maintaining visual quality and adherence to the user’s prompt.

Open AI and its major deal

Recently, Open AI, the Microsoft-backed firm, completed a deal that values the San Francisco artificial intelligence company at $80 billion or more, media reports said.

The company would sell existing shares in a so-called tender offer led by the venture firm Thrive Capital, people with knowledge of the deal told The New York Times.

The deal lets employees cash out their shares in the company, rather than a traditional funding round that would raise money for business operations, the newspaper reported.