Capturing the life of Little India: ARTWALK 2019

“When one enters Little India, all the senses get activated. It’s very hard to explain such an experience,” explained Mileno Prvacki, curator of ARTWALK Little India 2019.

This year’s ARTWALK, themed ‘Image and Sound of Fragrance’, celebrates the way scents evoke our emotions and memories.

Young local artists as well as seasoned art practitioners come together to create a sensory experience with over for both tourists and locals. Jointly organised by the LASALLE College of the Arts and Singapore Tourism Board (STB), ARTWALK Little India is a multi-disciplinary public art project set in the ethnic enclave. The annual event first debuted in 2015, and has been held as a part of Singapore Art Week ever since.

By transforming scents to visuals, blending noise to music, and presenting the old and new side by side – ARTWALK 2019 invites you on a journey down memory lane. Not just yours, but that of Little India.

The programmes run from January 18 to February 2 – and watch our video to get a peek into what’s going to happen at the festival.