Book chronicles contibution of Indians in Singapore

Indians in Singapore have excelled in every field in this wonderful country and played a significant role in the economy of this land. A book titled ‘50 years of Indians in Singapore’ discusses the contribution of the Indian community over the past half century.

Indians have also spread their symbiotic culture and now many Singaporeans celebrate Holi in the country. Photo courtesy : Harmony Truck

Many Indians are in high ranking position and wield considerable influence in the country. Most of the people are in legal and public fields. Some of them are also effective leaders.

The book also highlights how 35 per cent of Indians in 2010 had tertiary education which is higher than the national average of 22.6 per cent. This figure was just 4.1 per cent in 1990.

Cover page of the book.

This book which is a rich repository about the Indian people contribution in Singapore has about 16 articles. They are written by eminent Indian academics, thinkers and leaders in the field of art and heritage.

The book has been published by World Scientific. It is a part of a series of 26 titles to commemorate fifty years of independence of Singapore. It has already published books on the contribution of Chinese and Malay communities and the book on contribution of Eurasian community is already in the pipeline.

Other articles in the book chronicle the contributions of Indians to early Singapore and the country's economy as well as the visual and performing arts scene. It also documents the history of groups such as the Parsis and Pakistanis

While releasing the book, Ambassador-at-large Tommy Koh made a remarkable statement that “ Indians have outperformed their ratio” while lauding the efforts of Indian community in Singapore.

The publication is available at major bookstores for $22 in paperback and $42 in hardback. It features a foreword by sixth president S R Nathan.

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