Birds of a feather: How Oli 968 DJs Nithiyia and Vimala push each other to do their best

Connected to India’s Spotlight brings to you its third Tamil language interview, shining the light upon Oli 968 radio jockeys Nithiyia and Vimala.

The bubbly duo host Anantham Arambam, which airs from 10am – 2pm (local time) on the weekdays.

As the co-workers took turns in getting in-and-out of being the interviewer-interviewee, they showed the method behind their madness, which is the secret ingredient to the popular show.

The duo also delivered their familiar punchline during the course of the 25-minute long chat.

“When Vimala smiles It’s Anandham,” said Nithiyia. Delivering her line, Vimala said, “When Nithiyia comes It’s Attam Arambam.”

About Vimala:

The seasoned radio DJ started her journey nearly two decades ago, winning the Most Friendliest Oli DJ in the Singapore Radio Awards (2005-2007). Over the years, she has won numerous other awards, including Radio Personality of the year Media’s Choice in 2010 and 2013.

She received acclaim for the award-winning trailer on how to educate adolescents on sex education at home.

About Nithiyia:

Apart from her stint as a radio DJ, Nithiyia is an accomplished actress with dozens of credits to her name. Her journey in media started with Miss Vasantham in 2011, where she was adjudged the first runners up.

She started her radio journey in 2023 but has already created a substantial fan base with her hosting style.