BioCatch wins the ABS Global FinTech Award, bags S$250,000

10 FinTech companies won prizes totalling to S$1.15 million at the FinTech Awards by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS).

FinTech Awards organised as a part of the Singapore FinTech festival recognises innovative FinTech solutions implemented by start-ups, technology companies, and financial institutions.

The FinTech Awards include the MAS FinTech Awards and ABS Global FinTech Award.

Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of MAS, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, and ABS Chairman, Wee Ee Cheong, gave away the awards an event attended by more than 1,000 attendees. 10 winners included:

Turnkey Lender for won the second place in the MAS FinTech Awards.

1) ABS Global FinTech Award

BioCatch – Prize: S$250,000

2) MAS FinTech Awards (Singapore Open)

fastacash Pte Ltd, 1st place – Prize: S$250,000

M-DAQ Pte Ltd, 2nd place – Prize: S$100,000

Pole Star Space Applications Ltd, 3rd place – Prize: S$50,000

3) MAS FinTech Awards (Singapore SME)

Tookitaki, 1st place – Prize: S$150,000

Turnkey Lender Pte Ltd, 2nd place – Prize: S$100,000

Funding Societies Pte Ltd, 3rd place – Prize: S$50,000

4) MAS FinTech Awards (Singapore Founder)

CashRun, 1st place – Prize: S$150,000

Aimazing, 2nd place – Prize: S$100,000

FinChat Technology, 3rd place – Prize: S$50,000

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Maximum number of submissions coming from the Asia Pacific, The FinTech Awards received over 200 global entries. The list was further narrowed to 40 finalists.

The winners were selected by a panel of 13 judges, representing a cross-section of international and local experts from the private and public sector. The entries were evaluated based on criteria such as impact, interoperability, practicality, and uniqueness and creativity.