Avatharam – the drama that won the audience’s heart in Vasantham’s pilot project

In line with Vasantham’s commitment to deepen audience engagement, the channel’s new pilot project allows audiences to vote for the next long-form drama they want to watch. 

Avatharam, produced by 360 Entertainment, has been announced as the winner of Vasantham Muthal Paarvai. It is scheduled to hit TV screens and Toggle in September this year.

Launched on March 1, 2019, Vasantham Muthal Paarvai was a first for the 10-year-old channel. 

“The purpose of the pilot initiative was to help us understand the viewing habits of our audience and the genre of dramas they would like to watch,” said Priya Suriamurthi, Asst Lead, Audience and Content, Indian Audience, Mediacorp.

Watch the video for some sneak peeks of the winning drama Avatharam, as well as a short chat with T Suriavelan, the director of the Avatharam series.