India in Numbers: Rise in the super-rich, tiger population growing

Below are statistics gathered from various sources, describing India in numbers. The number of super-rich Indians has gone up in the past three years, and the country has the world’s highest population of tigers.

India in numbers: Fast-growing cities, big workforce but lots of stress

Below are statistics from a wide variety of sources that describes India in numbers. It has one of the largest workforces in the world, the fastest-growing cities and a growing group of millionaires.

Indian NGO to the rescue of animals in Kenya’s wildlife reserves

Poachers and trophy hunters have been calling the shots in the world-renowned wildlife reserves of Kenya despite the government’s marathon efforts to save the East African country’s fast-vanishing elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, leopards, buffaloes and giraffes.

200,000 Indian Muslims flying to Mecca for annual Hajj pilgrimage

Hundreds of devout Muslims from all over the globe, including India, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have started arriving at the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia through air, land and sea ports for the five-day annual pilgrimage beginning August 6.

About Author: Mahesh Trivedi