Australian police arrest two people for fatally stabbing Indian student in Melbourne 

Two persons arrested in Australia for killing Indian-origin student
Two students arrested in Australia. Photo Courtesy: Victoria Police Department on X

Australian police have arrested two people for allegedly fatally stabbing Navjeet Sandhu, a 22-year-old MTech student from India in Melbourne.

Abhijeet Abhijeet, 26, and Robin Gartan, 27, were tracked down in Goulburn, NSW, on Tuesday morning — two days after a fatal stabbing in the south-east Melbourne suburb of Ormond, reported ABC News.

Sandhu was allegedly stabbed to death as he tried to intervene in a fight between a group of Indian students, the victim’s uncle said on Monday.

The incident took place on Sunday at 9 pm local time in Melbourne. Another student was also seriously injured during the fight.

According to the family member, Sandhu was “fatally stabbed in the chest” with a knife by another student when he was trying to mediate a confrontation over a dispute related to rent between a group of Indian students.

“Navjeet’s friend (another Indian student) had asked him to accompany him to his house to pick up his belongings as he had a car. While his friend went inside, Navjeet heard some shouting and saw there was a fight. When Navjeet tried to intervene asking them not to fight, he was fatally stabbed in the chest with a knife,” said the victim’s uncle, Yashvir in Haryana’s Karnal.

The accused also hail from Karnal.