Anushka’s Sejal offers SRK’s Harry a sexual free pass in second mini-trailer

In the second of a series of mini-trailers to promote Jab Harry met Sejal, we see the mini-plot evolve and Anushka Sharma slaps Shahrukh Khan with an ‘indemnity bond’, absolving him of all responsibility should the two have sex. We also learn that Sejal is Gujarati (from the accent), a lawyer (from the LLB) and from a rich family (from ‘legal matters for family business’).

After Shah Rukh Khan gave all sort of warnings about his cheapness, trying to shoo Anushka away while highlighting his personality in the film’s first mini trailer titled ‘Character Barbaad’, it was her chance to take the lead.

A still from the trailer.
A still from the trailer. Photo courtesy: Red Chillies

Interspersed with the scene in the living room are once again flashes of the two in nightclubs and bars, only instead of Shah Rukh drinking and hitting on girls, Anushka does a sensuous dance, nearly locks lips with the leading man and seems more worldly-wise in general than in the first trailer.

Handing a document to Harry, Sejal states, “I have clearly stated that if we ever have sexual interaction, amounting or not amounting to full intercourse, you are absolved of all legal charges,” which leaves SRK aka Harry giggling with glee after he gets over the shock.

So we know by now the movie is a cross between 9 ½ Weeks and No Strings Attached. Watch out for new trailers and catch the first one below.