Anushka adds to mystery with yet another intriguing look from Pari

Yet another look of Anushka’s character from the upcoming film Pari was released today and it is stunning.

The film is a love story encrusted with a mysterious feel. Its first look had everyone stunned with a layered, eerie feel that reminded us of the arresting quality of international cinema. The new look today along with the release date announcement is equally thought-provoking. Sprawled on the floor, Anushka Sharma’s character shows no vulnerability; rather a strong sense of self-worth, fostering both sympathy and suspicion. Is it the frail beginning to a new life? It literally forces one to look for an answer.

Pari, Anushka's third home production under her banner Clean Slate Films, will be co-produced by KriArj Entertainment.

Karnesh Sharma of Clean Slate Films said, “Happy to announce 9th Feb 2018 as the release date of Pari. The first leg of the shoot is over and we are very satisfied with what we have shot. Good & meaningful content-driven films is what we aspire to make at Clean Slate. It’s not only about creating a good premise, but also about developing it properly. Pari is one more step in that direction.”

Prernaa Arora of KriArj Entertainment stated, “Creating relevant, entertaining and engaging cinema across genres is what drives us at KriArj and our partners Kyta Productions. The passion which Anushka and Karnesh bring into their films is something that we identify with completely. Pari is a fantastic story that will entertain and stun the audience in the same measure. We are certain that our partnership will create content that will further the reputation of our young companies and stand out from the crowd."

Known to be bold, gutsy and making headlines for not only her choices as an actress, Anushka is also charting out her own path as a producer who explores both with new content and new processes in movie making.  

The film is slated to release on February 9, 2018.