And Now Live: Shiv Tandan’s audio web series adds fun to the hard questions of life

The latest offering from young director Shiv Tandan, And Now Live, currently streaming on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify, adds fun to the hard questions while weaving a compelling story surrounding music.

Director of And Now Live Shiv Tandan. Photo: Connected to India.
And Now Live director Shiv Tandan. Photo: Connected to India

It is driven by bandmates Dan and Nima, their manager Chirag and cafe owner Manya – the central characters – and their dreams and aspirations.

Connected to India recently got hold of the cast: Varun Tewari (Dan), Pallavi Paranjape (Nima), Anuj Rampal (Chirag), and Rhea Menon (Manya), and director Shiv Tandan for an episode of its Spotlight podcast.

The five shared behind the scenes stories from their recording sessions and how Shiv managed to get his friends Anuj and Varun on board with the novel concept.

Pallavi Paranjape, who plays the character of a crooner, stated that the actor’s knowledge of music was a prerequisite for the role. Pallavi’s real-life skills shone through as she bagged it alongside Varun.

With positive feedbacks coming his way, Shiv is now planning to transform the audio web series to screen. When he does it, is an answer closely guarded by father time.

For now, don’t miss the fun filled chat and watch till the end to view the ultimate surprise.

Watch the full video: