Air India: Airline unveils Manish Malhotra-designed uniforms for cabin, cockpit crew members

Indian’s private carrier Air India has unveiled a brand-new collection of uniforms for its cabin and cockpit crew members, which has been designed by popular fashion designer Manish Malhotra.

Air India unveils Manish Malhotra-designed uniforms for its cabin, and cockpit crew members. Photo Courtesy: Air India

The carrier said the new uniforms will be introduced in a phased manner over the next few months, starting with the entry of service of Air India’s first Airbus A350.

Campbell Wilson, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Air India, said: “Air India’s crew uniforms are amongst the world’s most storied in aviation history, and we firmly believe that Manish Malhotra’s innovative ensemble will script an exciting new chapter for Air India’s future narrative.”

“It perfectly captures the essence of our new identity, service principles, and our pursuit of setting new benchmarks in global aviation,” Wilson said.

The female cabin crew attire features a ready-to-wear ombré saree with intricate patterns reminiscent of Indian heritage architecture (jharokha) and the Vista (new Air India logo icon), paired with a comfortable blouse and blazer.

The ready-to-wear sarees can be optionally worn with comfortable pants, which provides greater flexibility to female cabin crew to choose the style they most identify with and brings a unique East-meets-West look.

The ombré sarees for the senior female cabin crew will be aubergine-to-burgundy, combined with aubergine blazers, exuding a balance of authority and sophistication.

Conversely, junior female cabin crew will wear vibrant red-to-purple ombré sarees combined with red blazers, embodying youthfulness and energy.

Manish Malhotra said: “My aim was to create uniforms that capture the essence of India’s diverse culture and traditions while also embodying a modern and sophisticated look.”

He said: “By incorporating quintessential hues that are symbolic to India, I hope that these uniforms not only make the crew feel proud but also leave a lasting impression on the guests, representing the warmth and hospitality that India is known for.”

Malhotra has also curated footwear that blends style and comfort, allowing each step to resonate with the grace and poise inherent in Air India’s sartorial overhaul.

The female cabin crew will wear dual-tone (black and burgundy) block heels, and the male cabin crew will wear comfortable black Brogues.

The uniforms include pearl earrings and sling bags for female cabin crew.

“Air India has been in the world’s spotlight for some time. We are confident that our new crew uniforms will rise to the heightened expectations, distinctly making a statement that defines the very best of Indian heritage and hospitality. Travellers across continents will be able to instantly recognise these uniforms as the new Air India,” Campbell Wilson said.

Photo Caption: Air India unveils Manish Malhotra-designed uniforms for its cabin, and cockpit crew members