Ahmedabad-based SaleBhai launches global delivery service for Indian diaspora

SaleBhai.com, an e-commerce marketplace that caters specifically to the Indian diaspora abroad, announced yesterday the launch of international delivery services for all products exclusively available on its platform. The Indian Diaspora and foreign nationals across the world can now get regional products from their hometowns.

The Ahmedabad-based SaleBhai has launched delivery services across 195 countries, with a focus on the US, West and South Africa, Middle East and the UK. Indians settled abroad as well as foreigners can now enjoy ‘authentic’ Indian food products, the company said.

Vishwavijay Singh, co-founder, SaleBhai.com
Vishwavijay Singh, co-founder, SaleBhai.com. Photo courtesy: LinkedIn

“Driven by back-to-roots philosophy, we focus on requirements of over 17 diaspora communities living in big Indian cities as well as those who live abroad. With our latest offering, we are confident that the demand for regional Indian products available exclusively on our portal will more than double over the next couple of months, delighting consumers beyond geographical borders,” said Vishwavijay Singh, co-founder, SaleBhai.com.

SaleBhai.com has collaborated with leading international logistics providers to ensure timely delivery of products, including food items with short shelf-life. Each international delivery request will be fulfilled within 5-6 working days of shipping. The entire process has been integrated into SaleBhai’s automated website. Additionally, with multiple secure online payment options and easy tracking facility, the platform now has the first-mover advantage in reaching out to an even wider customer base.

Apart from regional food products, SaleBhai customers will also be able to buy a range of other products that include intricate handicrafts from Jaipur and Odisha, famous freshwater pearl jewellery from Hyderabad, and 100 percent Ayurvedic organic body care items, especially curated for international delivery.

Another important feature of SaleBhai's international delivery is the significant reduction in shipping charges if the customer opts to buy two or more products from the same seller. As most regional sellers offer products for specific communities, this would be quite advantageous for new customers abroad, and in the process, strengthen SaleBhai's position as a global brand.