Acing the UK real estate investment game with Richard Lowe and Abbas Jaorawala

The Indian diaspora is one of the most prolific property investors in the UK, especially London. While the majority of these investors comprise actors and cash-rich industrialists, others are also joining in.

Investment, however, is subject to market risks, and investing in properties in the UK as an Indian national also involves several tax considerations. To make it comprehensible for the general buyers and help them make their investment debut, Connected to India caught up with Richard Lowe, CEO, Turn-Key Investments and Abbas Jaorawala, Senior Director and Head-Direct Tax at Khaitan Legal Associates.

Turn-Key Investments is a Singapore-headquartered company with expertise in selling and marketing properties in the UK. Khaitan Legal Associates is a corporate law firm with offices in India and the United Kingdom.

Speaking about the investment boom in the UK, Richard Lowe said, “The UK has proved to be a very safe haven place to invest for people in India and Singapore.”

Adding to Lowe’s point, Abbas Jaorawala said, “Real estate continues to be an aspirational asset class for Indians. It’s considered to be a sign of stability, wealth and prosperity. So, definitely real estate will remain in vogue for Indians.”

Watch the @Work episode to ace your real estate investment game in the UK.