A third Indian crew member on quarantined cruise ship in Japan tests positive for coronavirus

Photo courtesy: Pava from Pixabay
Photo courtesy: Pava from Pixabay

A third Indian crew member on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan has tested positive for the coronavirus. This follows two other Indian crew members aboard the luxury cruise ship who had tested positive for COVID-19 on February 13. 

"The Embassy of India in Tokyo has been in constant contact with the relevant Japanese authorities to ensure welfare of Indian nationals on-board the ship as well as the possibility of their early disembarkation, in case they are not found to have tested positive for nCoV. Japanese authorities have confirmed that they are following the designated health protocols", said a statement by the Indian Embassy in Japan. 

Meanwhile, the Embassy of India in Tokyo has reached out to the Indian nationals (crew members and passengers) through emails and telephone calls explaining to them the health and safety regulations of Japanese authorities and requesting cooperation. 

The Indian government has been beseeched with requests from the Indians on board the ship to help them leave. 

The Embassy has been in constant touch with the ship management company – Princess Cruises (for the crew members) and the employer of the six passengers, to tie up their travel back to India.

39 passengers and crew members tested positive and have been taken to hospitals across nine prefectures. The Japanese Health Ministry said this is also the first time a teenager on the ship has tested positive for the coronavirus and reported that four from the ship – three of them Japanese citizens – are in serious condition. 

The number of cases nationwide in Japan is 29 as of February 13. ​