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40,000 migrant workers cleared of COVID-19: Ministry of Manpower

Singapore's Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said on Monday, June 1, that a total of 40,000 migrant workers have been cleared of COVID-19 infections.

This means they have either tested negative, or were tested positive but have fully recovered and been discharged. They must also be residing in accommodation where fellow residents have been cleared of the virus, MOM said. 

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Lawrence Wong
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Lawrence Wong

Of these, 12,000 are essential workers who have been moved out earlier from dormitories into government-provided accommodation facilities and have been working thus far. 20,000 workers were transferred to the government-provided accommodation facilities after recovering or testing negative.

Another 8,000 are residents of the first batch of 60 dormitories that will be declared as cleared with effect from June 1.

"A cleared dormitory is one where every block within has been declared as cleared of COVID-19 cases," MOM said in a statement. The residents in the cleared blocks/dormitories are workers who have either tested negative, or were tested positive but have fully recovered and been discharged. 

Another 111 dormintories are due to be cleared in the coming weeks, and they will house an estimated 50,000 cleared workers.

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