3-year-old tests positive in Kerala, 43 confirmed COVID-19 cases in India

Photo courtesy: Twitter/@AAI_Official
Photo courtesy: Twitter/@AAI_Official

India has now confirmed 43 cases of the COVID-19 infection, including a three-year-old child in Kerala and a woman in Jammu and Kashmir. 

As per media reports, the child had travelled to Italy along with his parents and returned on Saturday. They were screened upon landing in Kochi and were quarantined at a hospital where the child developed symptoms. 

Kerala currently has 9 cases of COVID-19, of which three recovered and were discharged last month. On Sunday, 5 members of a family in Kerala tested positive. As per the state health minister, three of these people had returned from Italy but did not declare it at the airport and thus were not screened. 

Kindergarten classes in Bengaluru have been suspended as a precautionary measure after cases developed in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. 

The confirmed case in Jammu and Kashmir is a 63-year-old woman, who had a travel history to Iran and was among two patients who were declared "high viral load cases" by the administration on the weekend.

The Indian government is not allowing any foreign ships to dock at Indian ports. 

The outbreak and increase in cases in India is also set to affect the festival of Holi, which falls on March 10, with health experts advising against people gathering in large numbers for the celebrations.