2MDB bags the trophy at Mind aMaze 2018

With celebrity quizzer Joy Battacharjya back in town for this year’s Mind aMaze, we wouldn't expect anything less than a phenomenal show.

Held on Saturday, November 17, at Capital Tower, Mind aMaze 2018 was a blast – not just for participants, but also for the audiences.

“The best thing about Mind aMaze is that the audiences hae stayed till the end and enjoyed themselves,” enthused Joy, adding that, “Having tough questions is one thing, but having the participants and audiences enjoy those tough questions – that’s even more important.”

The team 2MDB, comprising professionals in the finance and consulting industry, bagged the trophy this year. They were experienced quizzers who enjoy flexing their brains and learning new knowledge through the fun process. 

Started in 2011, Mind aMaze is an initiative conceived by the friends and family of passionate quizzer Mayukh Mitter, a Managing Director with GIC, who passed away suddenly on August 15, 2011.

“Throughout his life, Mayukh was passionate about quizzing. When we moved back to Singapore in 2016, we had wanted to organise such an event – but it didn’t happen while he was alive,” said Mayukh’s wife, Swapna Mitter, founder of Mind aMaze.  

After his passing in 2011, Swapna, together with some family members and friends, came together to start the inaugural Mind aMaze. “We thought it would be a great way to honour him and keep his legacy alive.”

Watch our interview with Joy, Swapna and the winning team, to find out more about what’s unique about this special event that is fast becoming an important quizzing fixture in Singapore. Of course, 2MDB will explain the rationale behind their slightly controversial name.