15 years on, Bandwidth; Bigger, Better, Younger!

Few bands can boast about having a 15-year history – and Bandwidth is one of them.

The crowd favourite is back with their much anticipated new show, to be held on September 1 in Singapore.

The eight-member band is made up of high-performing professionals who are immensely passionate about music. Their music spans across classic to contemporary rock, and even popular Bollywood tunes. 

While music is the glue, Bandwidth says that friendship and chemistry were also immensely significant parts of their journey. 

Connected to India caught up with the band members at their rehearsal session to find out more about what's in store. 

For the performance at Zepp BIGBOX on September 1, the band has prepared a repertoire of not just crowd pleasers, but also songs that display their unique musicality. Get your tickets here