1.4 million Singaporeans to receive Bicentennial Bonus in November

This November, 1.4 million Singaporeans will receive up to three of the Bicentennial Bonus benefits. 

These are the GST Voucher – Cash (Bicentennial Payment), CPF Top-up, and Workfare Bicentennial Bonus. 

Photo courtesy: unsplash
Photo courtesy: unsplash

All 1.4 million Singaporean adults aged 21 years and above this year, with an assessable income of up to SGD 28,000 for 2018, will receive the GST Voucher cash payment next month. They will receive either SGD 150 or SGD 300, depending on the value of their homes.

Announced during Budget 2019 in February, the SGD 1.1 billion Bicentennial Bonus was meant to commemorate Singapore’s Bicentennial and to support individuals who need more help. 

Some of the Bicentennial Bonus benefits were distributed over the past few months.