107 Pakistani drones shot down or seized from Punjab border in 2023, says BSF

The Border Security Force (BSF) of India either shot down or recovered 107 drones from along the India-Pakistan border in Punjab during 2023, a senior officer said today.

A Pakistani drone recovered by the Border Security Force and Punjab Police
A Pakistani drone recovered by the Border Security Force and Punjab Police. Photo courtesy: X/@BSF_Punjab

The BSF guards more than 2,289km of the International Border (IB) that runs along Jammu, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Gujarat along India’s western flank. The Punjab region shares 553km with Pakistan.

Quoting official data, the officer said that almost all of the recovered drones were Chinese made.

He added that most of these Chinese-made Pakistani drones were recovered from farm lands running along the border, on the basis of intelligence inputs.

Around 10 drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were recovered from the Rajasthan frontier during the same period, the officer said.

442.4kg of heroin dropped by Pakistani drones seized by BSF

The force, during 2023, also seized a total of 442.39kg of heroin, largely flown in and dropped by these Pakistani drones; 23 weapons of different caliber; and 505 rounds of ammunition from along the Punjab front, he said.

A December 31, 2023, post on X by BSF Punjab said: “@BSF_Punjab troops detected and intercepted a #Pakistani drone that violated Indian airspace. Subsequently, BSF troops, along with @TarnTaranPolice, launched an intensive search operation.

“The search operation led to the recovery of a Pakistani drone (DJI Mavic 3 Classic, made in China) along with 523Gms of Heroin from a farming field of Village Mari Kamboke, District – Tarn Taran, Punjab.

“This recovery marked another joint effort between #BSF and #PunjabPolice, highlighting the collaborative success in addressing security concerns.”

A Chinese made Pakistani drone with a parcel of heroin that was dropped on the Indian side. Photo courtesy: X/@BSF_Punjab

Pakistani intruders, including smugglers, killed and arrested

Three Pakistani intruders were killed, while 23 Pakistani nationals that included two smugglers were apprehended by BSF personnel.

Fourteen Bangladeshi nationals and 95 Indian suspects that included 35 smugglers were also apprehended, the officer said quoting the same data.

A dozen Pakistani nationals, who had inadvertently crossed the IB fence, were also handed back to the other side, he said. “The BSF remains committed to ensuring the security of the border with Pakistan through active communication and coordination with all stakeholders,” the force said in a statement.