Where to get your salad fix in delicious ways

Healthy living has been a hot pursuit among Singaporeans now - especially the younger crowd, and they sure know how to make things fun for themselves!

So if you still think salads here are rabbit food, then you sure need to check out the salad kiosks on this list. These creative stores are challenging the stereotype that salads are plain boring veges, and proving that a bowl of greens for your #cleaneating Instagram post can look drool worthy too!  

1. Salad Stop!

Photo courtesy: irongullet.com
Photo courtesy: irongullet.com

Salad Stop! is one of the rare places that actually toss your salad for you, which means that you get the dressing evenly coating your greens. It's a small thing, but it definitely makes for every satisfying bite. 

They also don't limit the number of basic toppings you can add to your base - the rule here is that you can ask for as much as the bowl can hold ;) 

2. Aloha Poke 

Photo courtesy: alohapoke.com.sg
Photo courtesy: alohapoke.com.sg

"Poke" - pronounced "po-kay" - is a kind of raw fish salad originating from Hawaii. Traditionally it was made with yellowfin tuna, but most commercial poke outlets in Singapore would carry salmon as an option as well. 

The raw fish cubes at Aloha Poke carry funky flavours like Wasabi Mayo, Spicy Sauce, Nutty Sesame and Original Sauce. All pokē bowls come with salad, scallions, pineapple and lime.

3. Sumo Salad

Photo courtesy: danielfooddiary.com
Photo courtesy: danielfooddiary.com

This Australian franchise chose the name "sumo" to reflect its hearty serving portions - and it is accurate for sure. At S$6.50 for a small bowl and S$7.50 for a large one, the prices are competitive. However, they don't have a designated seat area, so you would have to eat it somewhere else. 

4. Toss & Turn

Photo courtesy: Toss & Turn Facebook
Photo courtesy: Toss & Turn Facebook

The well-known generous portions of Toss & Turn makes it a hot favourite among salad lovers. They also feature unusual toppings like peppered prawns and pickled beetroot - which was really good! 

Another thing that caught our tastebuds was the feta cheese they used - instead of the usual crumbly semi-hards, they serve really soft and creamy Danish feta in huge chunks. Which is really quite satisfying. 

5. Guac & Go 

Photo courtesy: Guac & Go Facebook
Photo courtesy: Guac & Go Facebook

The fun name was inspired from the phrase "grab and go," which very accurately sums up the hectic lifestyles of the salad-grabbers at CBD area. As the name suggests, they serve avocado-based salads. 

Guacamole lovers need to try their signature Guacamonster Salad 2.0 - you won't be disappointed. 

6. Grain Traders 

Photo courtesy: Grain Traders Facebook
Photo courtesy: Grain Traders Facebook

For S$16 nett, you get to pick a grain, a protein,  one hot veggie, two cold veggies, a topping and a sauce.

The vivid colours will stir your appetite even before you get your bowl of well-balanced meal. The protein options are looking exciting - think Grilled Striploin Steak, Sous-vide & Chargrilled Salmon, Seared Marinated Tuna and more. 

7. The Lawn Grill and Salad Cafe

Photo courtesy: The Lawn Facebook
Photo courtesy: The Lawn Facebook

The unique specialty grill and salad cafe is also the only one in Singapore,.

You get to fully customise your own salad from the base to the grills, pairing fresh perky greens to your favorite premium grills. 

Featuring fun and unique dressings like Me So Spicy, BPerky Sesame Ginger and Wasohonie, The Lawn allows you to "meat your greens" without a hefty bill.  

Dig into salads served with premium grilled meats (without chalking up a hefty bill!) at The Lawn. Some favourites are the char-grilled garlic prawns, pacific dory with fresh fruit rub, and Worcestershire black pepper duck.

Kareyst Lin
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