USINPAC meets Trump administration before PM Modi’s visit to US

As part of its ongoing strategic dialogue at Capitol Hill, USINPAC held a meeting with members of the Trump-Pence administration. Key participants at the dialogue were Raju Chinthala, USINPAC Indiana Chair, who met with Micheal Cutrone, the Special Advisor to the Vice President for South and Central Asia and Paul Teller, the Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs.

In light of the upcoming visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the nation and his meeting with President Trump, USINPAC was keen to provide valuable insight on matters pertaining to Indian-Americans. 

This will be Prime Minister Modi’s first visit to Washington under the Trump administration. Unlike his past meetings, this current visit will be singularly focused on bilateral relations.

In a press briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced, “President Trump looks forward to discussing the ways to strengthen our ties between the United States and India and advancing our common priorities fighting terrorism, promoting economic growth and reforms and expanding security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.” 

Raju Chinthala remarked, “We had a very cordial and productive meeting with the Trump-Pence administration on various domestic and international issues. USINPAC will continue to develop a dialogue between the US and India to strengthen our alliance and take it to the next level.”

The Modi-Trump meet comes at a time when the H1-B visa programme is under intense scrutiny and President Trump has announced the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords. Trump had then called out India and China for being some of the world’s biggest polluters and had alleged that under the climate accord the US would have to pay India ‘billions and billions of dollars.’ The Indian government is looking forward to smoothing out any wrinkles with the new administration, regarding immigration reform and reaffirm the US-India partnership in the spheres of international diplomacy and defence and security in the region.

Garima Kapil
Garima Kapil – Senior Writer

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