Two Indian-American businessmen felicitated by Donald Trump

In recognition of their significant contribution to the US economy, two Indian-American businessmen were among those honoured by US President Donald Trump. Sharad Thakkar and Karan Arora, along with seven other owners of minority businesses, have been felicitated in the Oval Office of the White House yesterday. 

Sharad Thakkar - president of Polymer Technologies.
Sharad Thakkar - President of Polymer Technologies. Photo courtesy: LinkedIn

Thakkar is the president of Polymer Technologies, which is the recipient of Minority Energy Firm of the Year. Based out of Ohio, Polymer Technologies works with plastic industry individuals to transform their throwaway scrap plastic into the valuable raw material, PTI was quoted as saying. The firm has a proven track record of providing long-term solutions in automotive, home care, and lawn care product lines. 

Arora, based out of Florida, is the director of family-owned Natural Vitamin Labs (NVL), which is the recipient of Minority Export Firm of the Year award. With 25 years of experience in supplying natural health products to industry partners worldwide, NVL operates from a 95,000-sq ft facility in Miami, Florida. The facility is equipped with a manufacturing practices system and fully automated packaging machinery that allows precision and error minimization, resulting in high-speed production.

Karan Arora - director of Natural Vitamin Labs.
​Karan Arora - director of Natural Vitamin Labs. Photo courtesy: LinkedIn

Both Thakkar and Arora came to the US as students for studies and earned the pathway to citizenship through H-1B and Green Card. 

Arora said Trump's policies are reviving America's manufacturing base. The simplification of the tax code would come out as a great boon for small family-owned businesses like him. “Indian-Americans are making great contributions to the US economy,” Thakkar told PTI. 

Trump, in his remarks, said his Administration is deeply committed to empowering minority business owners. “We're working to lift government barriers so that you can thrive, prosper, and grow,” he said.

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