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Tushaar Kuthiala January 23rd 2020 UK

How much will Brexit cost the UK economy? Over GBP 200 billion, estimates this report

With an expensive Brexit looming on the horizon, business analysts estimate that the costs to the British economy have already passed the...


UK Parliament backs general elections on December 12

The United Kingdom Parliament on Tuesday approved Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plan to hold a general election on December 12 amid a...


Boris Johnson to ask Parliament for elections on December 12

Johnson has said that he will ask the UK Parliament to vote on Monday to approve an early national poll to be held on December 12.


Ball in EU’s court as UK Parliament blocks Boris Johnson’s Brexit timetable

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hit the pause button on his Brexit legislation after Members of Parliament (MPs) rejected...


Johnson asks UK Parliament to open debate on his Brexit deal

The United Kingdom (UK) government has published its 110-page bill to turn Boris Johnson's Brexit deal into law.


Johnson’s letters to EU president Tusk show he is scrambling to make Brexit deadline

Following his Parliamentary setback, United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reportedly sent three contradictory letters to the...


Boris faces setback as UK MPs vote to delay Brexit

Beleaguered United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit hopes were dealt a further blow as the UK Parliament voted to delay...


Britain and the European Union reach a Brexit deal

The deal still has to be formally approved by the economic bloc and ratified by the European and UK Parliaments.


Indian-origin Nobel Laureate sounds warning over Brexit backlash in science sector

Indian-origin Nobel Prize-winning biologist Sir Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, based in the United Kingdom (UK), has warned the British...


Negotiators working round the clock over Brexit deal as protest march planned in London

Thousands of people are expected to march through London for a major demonstration calling for a Final Say referendum on Brexit on October...


Brexit on October 31 a 'priority' for British government, says Queen Elizabeth

The Queen announced in a speech to lawmakers a list of 26 new bills ranging from implementing a yet-to-be finalised EU divorce agreement to...


Brexit talks on the verge of collapse: Reports

Britain and the European Union have accused each other of intransigence and sabotage.


UK Parliament insiders claim Johnson won’t resign even if he misses Brexit deadline

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly making plans to virtually "squat" in Downing Street, media reports quoting Cabinet...


Report: Boris Johnson apologised to Queen after court ruled Parliament suspension unlawful

Reports also suggest a breakdown of trust between Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street.


British Parliament to resume after UK Supreme Court rules suspension “unlawful”

Britain's highest court had ruled on Tuesday that Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks was illegal.


Beleaguered Boris Johnson set for busy week of Brexit negotiations in New York

Boris Johnson is set for an uphill battle as he tries to push for a Brexit deal on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly...


Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament “unlawful”, rules UK Supreme Court

The UK Supreme Court said that Johnson's suspension of Parliament is "void and of no effect".


Supreme Court verdict on Boris Johnson’s suspension of UK Parliament to come next week

The United Kingdom's (UK) Supreme Court will deliver its verdict next week in a landmark case on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to...


Cameron slams Indian-origin Priti Patel, Boris Johnson in memoirs

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has slammed the United Kingdom's senior-most Indian-origin Cabinet minister, Priti Patel, as...


UK PM Boris Johnson denies lying to the Queen over suspension of Parliament

Boris Johnson's denial comes after a Scottish court ruling that his decision to suspend Parliament so was unlawful.


Chaos in UK as court rules Johnson’s dissolution of Parliament was unlawful

The ruling by the Scottish court has prompted calls for the immediate return to work of lawmakers as the British government battles over the...


Boris Johnson suspends UK Parliament till October 14 after another Brexit defeat

Following yet another defeat of his plans to push through a no-deal Brexit, British PM Boris Johnson has suspended the Parliament for five...


Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller challenges UK PM over suspending Parliament

Prominent Indian-origin anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller has filed an urgent judicial review application over United Kingdom (UK) Prime...


No-deal Brexit will lead to fuel, food and medicine shortage in the UK: Leaked documents

Leaked official government documents predict shortages of fuel, food and medicine if Britain leaves the European Union without a transition...


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