Singaporean girl, ironically, lands a project for Trump’s campaign

Fiverr the world's largest marketplace for digital services. Photo courtesy: fiverr

In an ironical turn of events one of Donald Trump’s presentations, to gain traction among American youth, landed with a teenage girl from Singapore. Considering Donald Trump antagonised a lot of Singaporeans a few days back naming Singapore among the top countries stealing US jobs, this was ironical and a tad funny.

For beginners, Prezi is a presentation tool just like the traditional slide-making programme PowerPoint.

Hrithie Menon, a 15-year-old student of East View Secondary School of Singapore landed the job via Fiverr the world's largest marketplace for digital services. Why is Fiverr not using this brilliant opportunity to build endorsement for its platform is anybody’s guess!

Clients reach service provider through the website Fiverr for services like making business cards, presentations, website design, transcribing services and so on. Hrithie has done about 20 projects in the last two years working for clients across United States of America, Spain and Vietnam.

Newspaper reports state that at the time of working on the project she had no idea who her client was but realised it later.

The presentation made for Donald Trump was shown in different colleges and university campuses in the US to attract students and young people towards his camp.

Fiverr has a range of services and is operational in about 200 countries. Photo courtesy: fiverr

Fiverr claims to be the world’s largest marketplace for services. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig. Services on Fiverr sell for as a little as US dollar 5. There are about 1 million users every month and its services, as per the company, are spread across 200 countries. They have created record number of 4.2 million gigs in the past five years.

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