Singapore to have first Forest Town Tengah

Singapore will soon boast of a first ‘Forest Town’,Tengah, replete with lush green surroundings, rich biodiversity and a car-free town centre. Around 1,500 HDB flats will also be launched during November this year.

An artist impression of flats at the Tengah Town in Singapore.
An artist impression of flats at the Tengah Town in Singapore. Photo courtesy: Facebook page of Ministry of National Development

Making this announcement in a blog, Lawrence Wong, National Development Minister of Singapore, said, “In planning for Tengah, we wanted a town that is unique, like no other HDB town in Singapore. We have conceptualised it as our first ‘Forest Town’, and a green theme permeates the entire town.”

“Tengah will be integrated with the surrounding greenery and rich biodiversity and feature a car-free town centre. It will be a green, car-lite, and pedestrian-friendly town,” he added.

HDB will construct diverse types of flats in this town, which is first new town in more than 20 years in Singapore.

Lawrence Wong, National Development Minister of Singapore.
Lawrence Wong, National Development Minister of Singapore. Twitter page of Lawrence Wong

“In November this year, we will be launching our first flats in Tengah. It will be a substantial offering of around 1,500 flats, with a good mix across different flat-types,” said Wong in the blog.

“Over the next few years, we will continue to have a steady stream of Tengah flats. When completed, Tengah Town will grow to about 700 hectares, roughly equivalent to Bishan in size,” he added.

“With the recent announcement of the 24-km Jurong Region Line (JRL), residents in Tengah can also look forward to excellent connectivity, with four JRL stations connecting the town to Jurong Innovation District, Jurong Lake District and beyond. Within Tengah, we are also looking to enhance last-mile connectivity through autonomous vehicles,” said Wong.

Promising Tengah to be a town treasured by generations to come, Wong said, “We look forward to working with Singaporeans to make Tengah a home treasured by generations to come, a place where precious memories and community bonds are formed.”

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