Singapore imposes strict stay-home notice for returnees from China

Singapore has introduced a new Stay-Home Notice (SHN) for Singapore residents and long-term pass holders returning to Singapore from mainland China (outside of Hubei) within the last 14 days.

The SHN will take effect from 11.59pm on February 18. 

It will apply to all returnees with recent travel history to China (outside Hubei), requiring them to remain in their place of residence at all times during the 14-day period. The notice will also cover returning workers from mainland China on work passes.

Photo courtesy: Pixabay
Photo courtesy: Pixabay

The new SHN is stricter than the existing leave of absence (LOA) regime, which was implemented from January 31. LOA had allowed returnees to leave their homes briefly, for example for their meals or to buy household supplies. 

Those who flout the SHN may face penalties and can be prosecuted under Section 21A of the Infectious Diseases Act.

Photo courtesy: unsplash
Photo courtesy: unsplash

Foreign workers may have their work passes revoked and be repatriated. Employers too may have their work pass privileges withdrawn. Students may face disciplinary actions from their schools or institutions. Permanent Residents (PRs) and Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) and Dependant’s Pass (DP) holders may have their Re-Entry Permit, LTVP or DP revoked or the validity shortened.

With the introduction of the SHN, authorities will no longer be issuing new LOAs to returnees with recent travel history to mainland China (outside Hubei).

MOH also recognised that during the SHN period, some may need special assistance – for example, for their food and daily necessities. The ministry added that it will be providing support for those who need help.

Singapore Citizens, PRs and LTVP holders can seek assistance from the People’s Association. Students can seek assistance from their schools and institutions, or the Ministry of Education. Those on work passes can seek assistance from their employers or MOM.

What needs to be done during the Stay-Home Notice period:

  1. You must remain in your place of residence at all times during the 14-day period. You cannot leave your residence, even if it is to purchase food and essentials. If necessary, you may opt for home delivery services or enlist the assistance of others for your daily necessities.
  2. You should minimise contact with others, and avoid having visitors to your residence. You should maintain a record of persons you come into close contact with during this period.
  3. Monitor your health closely, i.e. twice daily for fever (i.e. ≥ 38°C) and respiratory symptoms such as cough and breathlessness.
  4. Maintain good personal hygiene, including regular hand washing with soap and water.

For those sharing a room/apartment with persons under Stay-Home Notice:

  1. It is not necessary to be segregated from the person placed under SHN and you can continue to share the same room/apartment. However, the MOH is encouraging people to reduce interaction and minimise contact with them.
  2. Avoid close and sustained contact by not sharing a bed, limiting the time spent together at common areas within the apartment, having separate meal times, ensuring proper ventilation
  3. Avoid sharing food, crockery, utensils and other personal hygiene items 
  4. Maintain good personal hygiene at all times
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