SIA to use more sustainable and meatless ingredients for in-flight meals

To promote environmental sustainability and support local farmers, Singapore Airlines (SIA) will use more sustainable ingredients in its in-flight meals under a novel initiative -‘Farm to Plane’, announced the airline today.

Through a press release, SIA said, “With the ‘From Farm to Plane’ concept, Singapore Airlines intends to use more sustainable and meatless ingredients, as well as local produce, in its in-flight meals. The Airline will work with partners overseas and in Singapore to source for such ingredients.

Singapore Airlines has announced a novel initiative -‘Farm to Plane’, whereby it will serve more sustainable and meatless ingredients for in-flight meals.
Singapore Airlines has announced a novel initiative -‘Farm to Plane’, whereby it will serve more sustainable and meatless ingredients for in-flight meals. Photo courtesy: Wikimedia

In addition, Singapore Airlines’ International Culinary Panel (ICP) of world-renowned chefs will create in-flight menus using more sustainable ingredients and local produce from farms at the Airline’s destinations, such as cherry tomatoes, pumpkins, green beans and lettuce. The new menus will initially be introduced to Suites customers on selected routes from later this year, and will progressively be made available to customers travelling in other classes.

SIA uses fish sourced from sustainable farming and produce from local farms in countries served by the airlines.

Notably, the enhanced sustainability plan for Singapore Airlines’ food & beverage offerings was unveiled today at its World Gourmet Forum in Singapore

All eight International Culinary Panel (ICP) chefs were present for the World Gourmet Forum, where they shared how they are using local produce in their meal creations. Singapore Airlines’ Wine Consultants were also at the event to introduce an organic French Shiraz wine, which will be available to Business Class customers on selected flights from early next year.

Marvin Tan, senior vice president product & services of Singapore Airlines, said, “Our food and beverage sustainability efforts will further demonstrate and reinforce Singapore Airlines’ ongoing efforts to help reduce our carbon footprint and ensure a greener environment.

He added, “While we continue to deliver a quality in-flight dining experience, we would also like our customers to know that we are playing our part in ensuring sustainability.”

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