"Selamat Datang Malaysia! I am a Datuk there" - SRK

While Shah Rukh Khan continues to add his army of fans across the world, SRK mania in Malaysia stands out. Answering a question from a fan in Malaysia, King Khan started by greeting his fans in Bahasa Melayu; Selamat Datang!

Simple greeting indeed, but considering the spontaneity of his reaction, Malaysia ought to have a special place in his heart. "I am a Datuk there." says King Khan with a smile. He adds, "I get pleasantly surprised that they like me in Germany, Suriname, Poland, Morocco and of course Malaysia."

Vanitha, a fan from Malaysia posted a question on our FB Page, "Hi I'm Kavitha from Malaysia. My question to dear Sharu would be: How do you manage stress (in general)?". This is what SRK had to say.



Himanshu Verma
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