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Health & Fitness

India, UK sign MoU to run joint Ayurveda COVID relief study

The Indian AYUSH Ministry announced a collaboration with the United Kingdom's London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) to...


Treatments for vaginal infections recommended by gynaecologist in Kolkata

According to a certain study, around 50% of women will experience certain signs of vaginal infection at some point in their lives.


Buying health insurance for heart patients: Do's and Don'ts

IRDA recommends every policyholder go through each of these Dos and Don’ts before buying health insurance for heart patients.


How can you get health coverage under a term plan?

Many things can go wrong in life. Unfortunately, we do not have control over most of them. However, we can make sure that we are prepared...


US-based Dental medtech firm SmileDirectClub offers virtual services, consults from new Singapore location

Dental care medtech company SmileDirectClub, a US-based teledentistry pioneer, has opened a new convenient SmileShop location for...


Five better ways for you to get sleep that you need at night

Experts in SE Asia call for regional collaboration in fighting air pollution

Experts from various south Asian countries have emphasised the need for regional coooperation in fighting air pollution and agreed that...


How much time do Indians spend online?

Let's look at how much of their free time Indians spend online and why.


India mulls strict law as attacks on docs by patients’ kin rise

Incidents of murderous assaults on doctors by angry relatives of patients are on the increase in India but hooliganism in hospitals will...


Yoga helping children cope with stress from India’s education system

Examinations are still the cause of tremendous anxiety for the millions of children going through the rigours of an Indian education system....


Pilates helps Indian men and women to battle Fibromyalgia symptoms

Pilates is an exercise style that boosts strength all over the body. It’s world-renowned for its capacity to enhance core strength....

How Can India Overcome an Impending Mental Health Epidemic?

Despite the recent attention and increasing prevalence of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, India continues to struggle....

Analysis & Commentary

Cancer ‘thriver’ Vijay Bhat shares his life’s work in promoting holistic healing for those impacted by the disease

Former advertising executive Vijay Bhat, a ‘cancer thriver’, today offers cancer coaching to those suffering from the disease and their...

Spotlight - @work @work

Busting health and nutrition myths for ensuring greater health among South Asians

The reasons for high rates of diabetes among South Asians are manifold and include innate biological susceptibilities, sedentarism, and...

Some healthy diet choices can help with the problem of malnutrition among the elderly

The issue of malnutrition is one that can be found in many countries across the globe, whether they are developing nations like India or a...

Analysis & Commentary

Gandhi museum in South Africa launches new blend of herbal tea named Satyagraha House Tea

​Satyagraha House in South Africa launched a new tea blend inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s approach to diet and nutrition. The blend was...

A mindful guide to awesome yoga studios in Singapore to get your zen on

If you are looking to hop onto the yoga bandwagon, you'll definitely find yourself spoilt for choice.


Weight loss guide: How to consider nutrition and training packages

Have you recently been introduced to a weight loss technique? Wondering how to succeed in the same? Check out this article and you’ll get...

Harvard-Columbia research study indicates yoga can reduce depression

Yoga and controlled breathing reduce depressive symptoms, according to The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine which published...

Indian-origin doctor among ‘Top Doctors in 2016’ by Pasadena Magazine

Dr Vasanti Voleti, an Indian-American paediatrician has been named among the ‘Top Doctors in 2016’ by Pasadena Magazine, announced...

Indian-origin surgeon keeps woman alive without organs for 6 days

In a path-breaking surgery of sorts, an Indian-origin surgeon in Canada has given a new lease of life to a young mother.

NRI Stories

Indian-American teenager discovers cost-effective way to make saltwater drinkable

Chaitanya Karamchedu, an Indian-American student from Portland, Oregon, has caught the attention of major technology firms and universities...

Obesity could lead to infertility in couples

As per researchers, couples in which both the partners are obese may take time to achieve pregnancy as compared to the non-obese...

Fast food can do more harm than you can think: Bloomberg

Think twice, the next time you go hogging on burgers and French fries. As per the latest study, fast-food containers that keep cooking...