Redefining Matchmaking for Millennials

A conversation with Anuradha Gupta, matchmaker and Founder CEO of the global matchmaking service - Vows for Eternity, discussing the challenges of finding a friend, soulmate, and confidante, all in one person.

Photo courtesy: Syed Ali Ashraf/
Photo courtesy: Syed Ali Ashraf/

Marriage - a word that means so many different things to people, especially across generations. We asked a few of our single readers what marriage meant to them, and the answer was unanimous - “family, commitment, and love.” However, this also raised the issue that it’s getting tougher to find the right person. So, where does one even begin?

 Anuradha Gupta, matchmaker and Founder CEO of the global matchmaking service - Vows for Eternity. Photo courtesy: Vows for Eternity
Anuradha Gupta, matchmaker and Founder CEO of the global matchmaking service - Vows for Eternity. Photo courtesy: Vows for Eternity

“Arranged introductions and love marriages” is the answer to this conundrum, says Anuradha Gupta. She should know; Anuradha has successfully matched hundreds of eligible singles through her bespoke service - Vows for Eternity. Born 10 years ago from her personal experience and crafted for individuals who demand quality in all they do, Vows for Eternity is a premium matrimonial firm headquartered in New York, with an established presence in Mumbai, New Delhi, and London. The company is a true reflection of Anuradha — global in approach and reach but inherently traditional in its values.

So, how does one find ‘the one’ in this milieu of expectations? According to Anuradha, it all comes down to looking beyond a basic checklist and focusing on an individual’s mindset, values, and personality. “There are no quick fixes to getting to know someone, and often the lines between superficial and fundamental get blurred. I always say it is important to figure out what your own non-negotiable requirements in a partner are. It could be shared values or a similar upbringing, and then every other positive is just a bonus,” she says.

Photo courtesy: Stanislaw Mikulski/
Photo courtesy: Stanislaw Mikulski/

Where love, friendship, respect, and trust form the foundation of marriage, it is important that two people get to know each other before committing to it. “Nothing can substitute a personal connect, more so in matters of the heart,” says Anuradha. Today, more and more young individuals are pursuing education and careers away from home, and this brings with it the challenges of living in a new space, re-establishing a social circle, and most importantly, finding someone you can come home to. “When kids move away from home, a lot changes - they are exposed to a new world, one that is different to where they come from - but what stays constant is the parents wanting the best for their kids. Sometimes parents struggle to find the right life partner for them because they don’t know how to go about it anymore, it’s all unchartered territory,” expresses Anuradha.

The families that come to Vows For Eternity are progressive, educated, and take for granted a certain baseline as a quality of life. As for the members themselves, they want compatible wavelengths, common interests, and ambitions,” says Anuradha.

Photo courtesy: Syed Ali Ashraf/
Photo courtesy: Syed Ali Ashraf/

By engaging in deeply personal conversations to help you figure what really matters, the Vows For Eternity team becomes a confidante who guides you through this journey to help you find the one.  Anuradha signs off by saying, “We at Vows For Eternity believe that there is a lot more that goes into finding your match because having that initial spark is great, but it takes a lot more than that to sustain a marriage. Marriage is sacrosanct, and we do believe in eternity.”

You can contact Vows for Eternity by emailing them at or  +919967861267 and +442072684967.

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