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RedDot Bhangra spreads the joy of dance at street party for migrant workers

On Saturday July 14, with the help of some 40 volunteers, RedDot Bhangra conducted a successful dance workshop on the streets of Little India.

The event was in collaboration with Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2)'s free meal provision programme, The Cuff Road Project, for transient workers in Singapore.  

The enthusiastic volunteers revved up the crowd and got everyone moving, resulting in a synchronised crowd dancing to an energetic bhangra mix with a “live” dhol accompaniment.

Photo courtesy: RedDot Bhangra
Photo courtesy: RedDot Bhangra

The dance demonstrators guided the participants through a series of bhangra steps. From shoulder shrugging to leg lifts, first-timers and experienced dancers alike had a good time, authenticated by the smiles on everyone’s faces.

The bhangra dance workshop closed with participants gamely demonstrating their newly acquired dance skills. The celebration, held at the Indian Heritage Centre, also featured performances by the Indian Women’s Association and the Migrants Band.

Photo courtesy: RedDot Bhangra
Photo courtesy: RedDot Bhangra

The street party was RedDot Bhangra’s second partnership with TWC2, celebrating TWC2's distribution of its one millionth meal. 

Mr Biplob, a Bangladeshi who has been in Singapore for 4 years, received this in the form of a symbolic meal voucher in exchange for a plate of dinner. He had suffered an injury as a construction worker, and TWC2 helped with payment for his treatments. Mr Biplob now works as a caretaker at the TWC2 shelter.

“I’m very grateful for TWC2’s help. Tonight, seeing so many people having a good time and knowing that they have benefited from TWC2’s help just like I did, really makes me feel very happy,” he shared.

Photo courtesy: RedDot Bhangra
Photo courtesy: RedDot Bhangra

“It was just so fantastic seeing so many nationalities come together and enjoy a dance; this really represents what Singapore is about. Truly an invigorating experience!” said Liz Russell, a first-time RedDot Bhangra volunteer from Australia.

“RedDot Bhangra is privileged to work with Transient Workers Count Too on aligned beliefs to give back and bring communities together. Bhangra is a dance that reflects joy," said Hargobind Singh, Director, RedDot Bhangra. "Being part of this remarkable event not only allowed us to spread joy to Singapore’s guest workers, but also enabled us to foster understanding and harmony, and build bridges among diverse communities in Singapore.”

Photo courtesy: RedDot Bhangra
Photo courtesy: RedDot Bhangra
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