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Rainforests come to life at National Museum of Singapore's Glass Rotunda

Imagine entering a rainforest, where you are able to interact with your surroundings and animals living in the forests. Yes! That's possible at National Museum of Singapore.

Digital rainforest at the National Museum of Singapore's Glass Rotunda. Photo courtesy: teamLab

The National Museum of Singapore's Glass Rotunda is all set to reopen to the public on Saturday (Dec 10). Two new permanent installations have been placed at the revamped National Museum's Glass Rotunda featuring, "Story of the Forest".

Toshiyuki Inoko, Founder of teamLab, said, "Our team was immensely inspired by the intricate drawings from the William Farquhar Collection while conceptualising this groundbreaking installation… We believe that this will be an unforgettable experience for everyone."

The "Story of the Forest" is an interactive digital-art installation created by Japanese digital-art teamLab. It is based on the museum's prized collection of watercolours, William Farquhar's Collection of Natural History Drawings. William Farquhar is said to be the first Commandant of Singapore who had reportedly commissioned artists to illustrate the country's flora and fauna.

The second installation is "Singapore, Very Old Tree" is based on photographer Robert Zhao's collection named "Singapore, Very Old Tree". It showcases 17 of the 30 images in the collection that highlights the personal connections that Singaporeans have with trees.

Deepti Kaul
Deepti Kaul – Senior Writer

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