Qatar crisis: Saudi Arabia, allies release list of organisations and individuals suspected of terrorism links

The ongoing Qatar crisis got another twist as Saudi Arabia and its allies released a blacklist of 18 organisations and people suspected of having links with terrorism as well as having ties with Qatar.

The list contains nine charity and media organisations and nine individuals “directly or indirectly linked to Qatari authorities” as “terrorist”, read a joint statement released by the four states.

The statement said, “We expect Qatari authorities to take the next step and prosecute the terrorist groups and people. The four countries and their international partners will ensure that Qatar has ceased its support and funding of terrorism, has stopped welcoming terrorists and has stopped spreading extremist and hate speech.”

Saudi Arabia and allies released list of organisations and individuals suspected of terrorism links and relations to Qatar.
Saudi Arabia and allies released list of organisations and individuals suspected of terrorism links and relations to Qatar. Photo courtesy:

The blacklisted entities include charity and media organisations - Al Balagh Charitable Foundation, Al Ihsan Charitable Society, Rahma Charitable Organisation from Yemen, Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council, Al Saraya Media Centre, Boshra News Agency, Rafallah Sahati Brigad, Nabaa TV and Tanasuh Foundation for Dawa, Culture and Media from Libya.

The blacklisted individuals included Khalid Saeed Al Bounein, Shaqer Jummah Al Shahwani, Qatari citizen,Saleh bin Ahmed Al Ghanim, Hamid Hamad Hamid Al Ali, 5-Abdullah Mohammed Al Yazidi, Ahmed Ali Ahmed Baraoud,Mohammed Bakr Al Dabaa, Al Saadi Abdullah Ibrahim Bukhazem and Ahmed Abd Al Jaleel Al Hasnawi

Saudi Arabia and its allies have been boycotting Qatar since June 5 in the region's worst diplomatic crisis in years.

There are three Qatari individuals on the list, along with a Kuwaiti individual, who have engaged in fund-raising campaigns to support Al Nusra Front and other terrorist militias in Syria, the statement said.

In addition to this, there are three Yemeni individuals and the three organisations in Yemen, which have allegedly provided support to Al Qaeda.

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