Publishing platform C1X partners with adGeek of Taiwan

Class One Exchange (C1X), a US-based publishing platform founded by Mukundu Kumaran, has partnered with adGeek in Taiwan, which, as per the company release will pull in 100 Taiwanese “premium” publishers to C1X's exchange platform.

US based startup C1X has been founded by Mukundu Kumaran. Photo courtesy: C1XMukundu Kumaran. Photo courtesy: C1X

C1X is a data-driven premium programmatic marketing and adtech platform startup. The company headquartered in the Silicon Valley, has offices in New York, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, Mumbai, and New Delhi, and development centers in San Jose, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

Swaminathan Iyer.
Swaminathan Iyer. Photo courtesy: C1X

Commenting on the association Swaminathan Iyer, VP & Head of Business APAC at C1X said, “It's a unique opportunity to have the top premium publishers in Taiwan available on C1X SSP through the Iyer, VP & Head of Business APAC at C1X said, “It's a unique opportunity to have the top premium publishers in Taiwan available on C1X SSP through the adGeek relationship. Now advertisers can access this unique supply on C1X DSP and other DSPs connected to C1X supply across the world. This partnership has put premium publisher supply in Taiwan which is not easily accessible from the outside, programmatically to be available globally.”

He added, “The integration will make these publishers also available on C1X Inventory discovery platform which benefits advertisers to access this premium guaranteed supply programmatically without any Deal ID or PMP.”

Speaking about the partnership, James Chen, Vice President of adGeek, said, “adGeek partnered with C1X to provide a comprehensive solution for both our publishers and advertisers. C1X's platform can provide a more complete solution to meet the digital marketing needs of our advertisers. At the same time, our publishers can get better yield on their inventory.”

He added, “Consumers are consuming media differently today in Taiwan. Hence media buying has moved from website buy to audience buy. This has sparked the growth of programmatic buying but advertisers are still looking for audience within premium sites. Hence, we partnered with C1X to facilitate PMP(Private Marketplace)/ Programmatic Guarantee buys for our advertisers and publishers.”

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