Powerball Lottery opens its $1billion jackpot for India

Most of us dream about winning the Powerball lottery. So you must have come across $1 billion hypothetical questions like how to win $1 billion or what would you do if you win $1 billion?
Now that’s what we’re here for in India. You can now win the Powerball lottery as $1 billion are up for grab. All you’ve to do is use your smartphone, smartly!
Yes, you read that right! Below are the easy and simple steps that allow you to strike it rich and win the Powerball lottery.

  • Visit the page Lottoland Asia
  • click the ‘Play Now’ option
  • On any panel you like to play, choose your six lucky numbers and one Powerball number. Otherwise, you can choose the ‘Quick Pick’ option to get your numbers selected randomly
  • Once you’ve selected your numbers, choose your desire purchase type – could be either a subscription or a single ticket
  • choose ‘Add to Cart’
  • If you’re new to Lottoland-Asia, you have to create an account; existing users have to log in right away.
  • Enter your payment info to complete the simple process. 

What Is the Powerball Lottery?
The multi-state Powerball lottery is becoming the talk of the town. It uses two drums to draw winners with one drum for white balls, and the other is for red ball, which is known as the “Powerball.” The chance of winning the jackpot increases every time when the winner prize ticket remains unsold, with a variety of many other cash prizes.
How does the Powerball lottery work?

To win the Powerball lottery, you must match all five white balls and the Powerball. Not every time the winning ticket gets sold, and the jackpot moves to the next. However, the chances of winning a smaller cash prize increase

Now what to do next if you win the billion-dollar Powerball lottery?

Stay anonymous

Despite being so eager to tell the whole world that you won the billion-dollar Powerball lottery, imagine your long lost boring cousins suddenly show up to party with you. That’s why you should stay anonymous and party with people you like.

Take care of your Powerball lottery ticket.

Why? Because a lottery ticket is evidence for you to claim the jackpot. If you win the lottery and lose the evidence, there’ll be no proof for you to claim your winning cash prize.  
Select the method of how you want to get the prize.

For the Powerball lottery, the jackpot is at $1 billion. So when you win the Powerball lottery, you have to select the method of how you like to be paid; either a lump-sum amount or annual payments you set.
Which payment method is better for you?

If you’re impulsive and worry about your wild spending, the annual payment method is best for you. But suppose you’re thoughtful of your expenditure and careful to invest your billion dollar Powerball lottery. In that case, one-time lump-sum cash is best for you because of the currency devaluation phenomenon.

Hire a professional!

Hire a team of professionals that’ll guide you to manage your wealth according to your goals. Your consultant team should manage your finances, tax planning, estate planning, and investments, among many other financial management aspects. Nevertheless, it’s your billion dollars, so don’t forget to have a good check on where your money is going.
Most importantly, pay off the coins you already owe

Bad debt will never be a helping hand for you to expand your finances. Please get rid of them as soon as possible after winning the Powerball lottery.
So why Lottoland?

Lottoland’s biggest advantage is you can play your favorite games in just 300 Indian rupees at a minimum. The award-winning online gambling site can get you started on the road to your billion dollars Powerball lottery.
There are three main reasons why you should play Lottoland’s Powerball lottery:

Your cash-prize is guaranteed as Lottoland is licensed in Ireland, UK, and Gibraltar. The biggest lottery program offers you to win one billion dollars on your phones.

Great range of games:

Regardless of you using mobile, tablet, or desktop, Lottoland provides you a great range of online games, including scratchcards, instant keno, casino, and many other exciting games. Lottoland is your personal online casino with an extremely user-friendly interface.


Buying tickets is no brainer on Lottoland, as the website is extremely well-made. You can choose various tickets in easy steps, with exciting offers.
Wrapping up

Probably, there may be many apps to help you double your money. However, only Lottoland Asia will help you win one billion dollar jackpot. All you need to do is pick your smartphones and sign up for this ballistic offer.

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