PM Lee launches national skills framework to develop logistics sector in Singapore

Heralding a new chapter of bringing SGD8.3 billion and creation of 2,000 new jobs for professionals, managers, engineers and technicians (PMET) by 2020 in the logistics sector, Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong today launched the New National Skills Framework for the logistics sector.

Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong
Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong. Photo courtesy:

Lee said, “Some of these jobs will demand different and deeper skills from today, as new technologies and new ways of working become mainstream. Hence, our companies must also invest in people, to develop talent, retrain their staff and nurture deep knowledge and soft skills. The Government will play its part to attract, nurture and retain a strong Singaporean core of talent for the logistics industry.” He was speaking at the official opening of logistics firm YCH Group’s Supply Chain City facility in Jurong,

The national skill framework is analogous to a guide charting the path for raising productivity and innovation in the industry as the economic climate changes. The framework has built upon the Industry Transformation Map for the sector launched in November last year.

For developing the logistics sector, the national skills framework has identified job roles, career pathways, and existing and emerging skills. Some of the career pathways identified include warehouse management and operations, freight forwarding and operations, sales and customer service, and transport management and operations.

Some of the emerging skills identified include data and statistical analysis, automation design and cloud computing application.

The national skills framework seeks to target people who wish to join logistics or progress in the industry, and employers who want to invest in employee training. It is also meant to help educating and training providers design programmes to address needs in logistics, and equip people with skills that are in demand.

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