#OneNationTogether to unite Singaporeans during NDP 2017 celebrations

Singapore will celebrate National Day with great enthusiasm and fervour. The year 2017 will mark 52 years of independence for Singapore and a return to The Float @ Marina Bay for the National Day celebrations. The National Day Parade (NDP) 2017 theme, concept, logo and theme song were officially launched today.

“The theme of this year, #OneNationTogether, is a call-to-action for all Singaporeans to take pride in our achievements, and to be confident in our collective future as we overcome all odds together,” said the show's organisers. #OneNationTogether also calls on all Singaporeans to rally together as one united people to build a brighter future for Singapore our home.

Colonel Melvin Ong (left), Chairman of the National Day Parade (NDP) 2017 Executive Committee  together with Jay Lim, lyricist and singer of the NDP 2017 theme song  at The Float @ Marina Bay.
Colonel Melvin Ong (left), Chairman of the National Day Parade (NDP) 2017 Executive Committee together with Jay Lim, lyricist and singer of the NDP 2017 theme song at The Float @ Marina Bay. Photo courtesy: gov.sg

“This is the first time the hash symbol (#) has been incorporated into an NDP theme, #OneNationTogether, enabling Singaporeans to share the rally call through social media. The “#” also serves as symbols of unity and home. As a symbol of unity, “#” resembles the iconic image of four interlocking arms found in our nation’s first $10 note launched in 1967, representing our nation’s strength in social unity and multicultural harmony. As a symbol of home, “#” is a familiar feature in Singaporean home addresses, making “#” synonymous with the idea of home,” said a press release.  

Sharing the inspiration behind the theme, Chairman of the NDP 2017 Executive Committee (EXCO) Colonel Ong Yoke Lam Melvin said, “This year’s NDP celebrates our precious social unity and the racial and religious harmony we enjoy today. These are the foundations of our nation’s success and something which we must never take for granted. With them, we have built a strong and resilient economy, nurtured a safe home for our family and friends, and created a space for future generations to grow. It is in this unity that we will continue to rally together as one people and one nation, against all future challenges, striving ahead towards a brave and confident future.”

On the occasion, the NDP 2017 theme song Because It’s Singapore was also released. It has been jointly produced by singer and lyricist Jay Lim and composer Lee Wei Song.

Jay Lim performing the NDP 2017 theme song live at The Float @ Marina Bay.
Jay Lim performing the NDP 2017 theme song live at The Float @ Marina Bay. Photo courtesy: gov.sg

Lim was excited to be given the opportunity to write the song and said, “It is a great honour to write the song for NDP. It’s every Singaporean musician dream. I was inspired by my family, my kids and parents…..to sum it up, my whole inspiration for the song is that I’m thankful to be in Singapore.”

There are also major attractions in the NDP of this year. Highlights include a dignified parade and ceremony featuring the Presidential Gun Salute on the M3G Raft, a salute to the nation performed by five Republic of Singapore Air Force F-15SG fighter aircraft, and a special tribute to 50 years of National Service.

“For the first time, NDP will feature two exhilarating Dynamic Defence Display segments showcasing our national defence capabilities and Whole-of-Government response against rising security threats. The Show segment promises to be a visually captivating and rousing experience featuring mass displays, special effects, and active audience participation,” said the release.  

For audiences at home and abroad, NDP 2017 aims to provide a more immersive and engaging viewing experience through live 360o video streaming on YouTube in addition to the live broadcast on national television.

 Singaporeans are also encouraged to join the NDP 2017 conversation by tagging their photos, well-wishes, reflections or stories on their personal social media platforms and/or NDP social platforms such as Facebook (www.facebook.com/ndpeeps), Instagram (@ndpeeps_2017) and Twitter(@NDPeeps), with the following hashtags: #OneNationTogether, #NDP2017, #NDP17, #SG52. The hash-tagged photos, well-wishes, reflections or stories will be compiled and published on the official NDP website.

Pointedly, NDP 2017 is being organised by Headquarters Singapore Combat Engineers, together with agencies from the private and public sectors, and will involve almost 14,000 participants, volunteers and personnel behind the scenes and on stage.

Ashraf Jamal
Ashraf Jamal – Senior Writer

Ashraf Jamal brings a rare depth to writing equipped with a degree in journalism, a postgraduate degree in political science, and a degree in law from the Allahabad University. His experience includes editing and publishing the Northern India Patrika and writing for Times of India for almost a decade covering just about any topic under the sun including NRIs and Indian diaspora.


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