Nirav Tolia expands Nextdoor to the UK’s Streetlife

California-based social network for neighbourhoods Nextdoor has spread its wings and expanded its operations into the UK by acquiring the UK-based startup Streetlife.

Nirav had declared his plans of expanding the operations into the UK in September and only a few months later the news of purchasing the UK’s startup Streetlife has come up.

What’s Nextdoor?
Nextdoor is an app that encourages the interaction between neighbours so that people are aware of the happenings around them. It helps in evading local criminal activities.

Nirav Tolia of Nextdoor
After the acquisition, Streetlife is expected to lead its members to Nextdoor.

Like Nextdoor, Streetlife is a social media site focused on neighbourhoods that encourage people to help each other in practical tasks. Its founder Matthew Boyes will stay back as an adviser after the acquisition.

According to reports, Nextdoor is doing much better in the UK than it did initially in the US. The company claims that its members have created thousands of online communities across the country which includes more than 40 per cent of London.

After the acquisition, Streetlife is expected to lead its members to Nextdoor.

Nirav Tolia, a Standford University graduate, is a serial entrepreneur who prior to co-founding Nextdoor has co-founded, and Round Zero.

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