Mouth-watering cookies flood Deepavali bazaars in Singapore

Deepavali in Singapore will be literally more ‘tasteful’ this year as many mouth-watering cookies and other delicacies have flooded the market. There are new flavours and also healthier snacks for the health-conscious ones.

One can find delicious cookies at Deepavali bazaars in Little India in Singapore.
One can find delicious cookies at Deepavali bazaars in Little India in Singapore. Photo courtesy: Facebook

For Indian cookies, it will be better for you to head to Deepavali bazaars in Little India where snack stall vendors have decked up their little shops and are offering  mouth-watering varieties of cookies. This time, there are two bazaars in Little India- Deepavali Festival Village in Hastings Road and Campbell Lane; and the Deepavali Fair near Birch Road. Both bazaars will run until October 17.

Besides the usual sujee cookies, makmur (ghee cookies) and murukku, there are new flavours including ondeh ondeh cookies, macaron cookies and Nutella-filled kapit (wafers) to stimulate your taste buds.

Facing stiff competition, vendors have switched to new varieties of snacks. One such shop is Parveen which is keeping new products including ondeh ondeh cookies, Milo Dinosaur cookies, red velvet chocolate chip cookies and pandan kuih rose (honeycomb cookies). The cost of these cookies range from SGD10 to SGD18. They have increased the varieties of cookies this year from six to 15.

Special murukku are being sold at many shops in Singapore.
Special murukku are being sold at many shops in Singapore. Photo courtesy: Facebook

Another shop, Deva Cookies, has introduced more than 10 snacks this Deepavali season including kapit filled with Nutella and Lava Crunch and rock-shaped chocolate meringue cookies.

Ajmir Store, which has the pride of selling more than 50 types of cookies, has introduced 10 new varieties this year including tiramisu-flavoured cookies, brightly coloured dahlia cookies and macaron cookies.

For the health-conscious ones, Deepavali snacks are also turning more nutritious. The cranberry and sujee cookies at Ajmir Store now have half the sugar content of the regular cookies.

There is also a ragi murukku with a healthier blend of ragi, rice and urad dal flavour available at Uncle’ Snacks. Ragi is finger millet, a cereal with a lower glycaemic index which can help stabilise blood glucose levels.

The stall also have murukku in two other flavours - cashew nut and onion.

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