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Kalaa Utsavam: A treat of Indian Culture in Singapore

Kalaa Utsavam is the most awaited annual feast of Indian culture in Singapore. This year the festival runs from 17th to 26th November.  The ten day festival features Indian music, dance and drama, and covers the entire range from classical to contemporary. Artists see the festival as an opportunity to showcase their work and collaborate with the likeminded. For the audience it is an opportunity to learn about the diversity of Indian culture and absorb it from the charged atmosphere. There are ticketed and non ticketed shows, workshops, and community engagement events that leave the artist and audience equally enriched. Here is what it means to be a part of Kalaa Utsavam.


Sunanda Verma
Sunanda Verma – Senior Writer

Sunanda is a writer-journalist. In a previous avatar she worked as a Prime Time and Special shows TV News Producer with Star News (now ABP), Zee News and TV Today Networks. She enjoys deciphering cultural codes across nationalities, age groups and gender. Sunanda celebrates inspiration, and her writings take such stories beyond geographical, cultural, social or religious boundaries.