Junga Film review: From Parrys, Tamil Nadu to Paris, France

Rating: 3.5/5                          

Language: Tamil 

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Yogi Babu, Sayyeshaa, Saranya Ponvannan, Madonna Sebastian, Radha Ravi

Writer / Director: Gokul

Music composed by: Siddharth Vipin

Production company: Vijay Sethupathi Productions

Editor: V. J. Sabu Joseph

Producers: Vijay Sethupathi, Arun Pandian, Ishari K. Ganesh

With a salute to Rajinikanth, the ‘Bashaa’ as well as the bus conductor at the onset and a self-proclaimed ‘Junga is running well and Gokul is the director’ included in the closing shots, this movie has quirkiness written all over it. Don Junga’s miserlines, cheapskate methods and single-minded saving up of money to reclaim the movie complex cheaply sold by Ranga (his dad) and Linga  (his grand-dad) make it a wicked spoof on mafia dons.

Vijay Sethupathi is also the producer of this movie and portrays a tough mafia don, albeit a comical and miserly one who goes weak in the knees when he encounters the ladies of his life. Madonna Sebastien as a Telugu speaking girl is his first love- interest but makes an abrupt exit when the miser in him takes over. Sayyeshaa as Madhoo captures his heart but still doesn’t change this thrifty Uncle Scrooge, which keeps him in character throughout. Supporting actors include Saranya Ponvannan as Junga's Mother and Yogi Babu as Junga's assistant.

The locale for the first half is Pollachi and briefly Parrys in Tamil Nadu. Before the interval, it is fast paced. The repartees are witty, sharp and current, in that they echo some Tamil Nadu political issues such as the Cauvery water and references to white shirts, as in politicians, as cheats. Dialogues such as ‘Unna adichaa enna adichA mAdiri’ and a few others will probably stay with the audience even after they leave the theatre. Credit goes to the writer/director Gokul.

The second half is set in France, Paris and becomes a bit convoluted and drags for a while before picking up again at the end. The comedy elements too don’t  spin out as smoothly in this latter half as they did before the interval.

The music by Siddharth Vipin is not too bad. ‘ Kootippo Koodave’ might grow on you lyrically and ‘Lolikkiraya’ or are you ‘lol’ing - a take on the social media language – might hang around in the dance- club circuits for a while. With a U-rating it’s a fun, stress free movie to chill out with family and friends.


Lakshmy Iyer
Lakshmy Iyer – Senior Correspondent, ASEAN & Entertainment

Lakshmy has been contributing regularly as a freelance writer since 2012. Her writing has been an amalgamation of the language, literature and rich cultural experiences of India as well as South East Asia. An Instructional Designer by profession she is passionate about lifelong learning. Art is her medium of reflection. She participates in art exhibitions thus contributing to the local art scene and using this platform, supports social causes in Singapore as well.


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